Anonymous said: Yooo I'm a 16 year old girl. I'm 5'2. I have light brown hair that fades to blonde and green eyes. My favorite thing to do is probably cuddle with a blanket and listen to music. Um I think I would take you to dinner and then we would go to this cool bookstore/coffeeshop and get iced vanilla lattes and pick out cool books

this sounds really relaxing, but fun. I would totally love to go and find some cool books.


can we please discuss what the fuck is wrong with pennsylvania








and finally


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never forget

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the fact that there have no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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she’s getting stronger


she’s getting stronger

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Anonymous said: Ok hey I'm a 14 year old girl, I'm 5'4, I have brown hair and blue sometimes green eyes with a gold ring around the pupil. I really love music, every thing from rock to pop to country, I like to singing and act. If I had to think of a good date to take you on, id pick going to play laser tag because 1. I suck so you'll look good 2. It's so much fun

i have no hand-eye coordination-so we would probably tie at like 3, but you sound reeally cool

Anonymous said: Alright. I'm currently 16. Female. I'm probably like 5'5", maybe 3 centimeters taller. My hair's brownish blonde with this weird red tint in the sun. I really enjoy swimming, like a LOT, although I'm only going into my second year of swim team. Oil pastels are my favorite thing to dabble in. Everything just blends together, ya know? It's so beautiful. Um. Other than that I enjoy video games, like right now I'm playing KH 358/2 Days on the 3Ds. Date? Probably a walk through a forest trail to talk

sounds really fun-but I attract biting flies like no ones business. Oil pastels are really cool. But i would do it for you!

Anonymous said: 17. Female. 5'2. Blue eyes. Blonde hair. I like to write very boring literary criticisms and cryptic poetry that doesn't make sense to anybody but myself (It's kind of frustrating, but it's also like it's my secret, you know?). I also enjoy playing the flute and piccolo. Marching band is my life. An ideal date would consist of 1. FOOOOOD. 2. A museum. And 3. Sitting in a field or just some solitary place listening to music. It would be kind of fun I guess.

don’t worry about the cryptic poems-they will be gold if you lock them up for someone to find. Sounds fun though!

Anonymous said: im honestly so bored & ur rlly cute, so here goes: im 15, a girl, 5'8, blonde hair on the long side, blue eyes, im a ballet dancer but ive been known to dabble in tap, i go to too many museums, my favorite subjects are math & world religions, 3 years ago I took up linoleum block printing ( it sound weird but it's rlly cool??). for a date we'd probs go to some obscure musem or overly pretentious art gallery b/c that's the kind of thing im into, or maybe just an aquarium. aquariums are nice.

aquariums are really nice, that would be a lot of fun, so YES

Anonymous said: Ooooook I'm a 5'10, 14 year old girl who's into theater. And I'm very flexible and willing to do anything. I love to read and write and I'm learning to play the guitar and I like to sing. I have an ok sense of humor (it's literally just terrible jokes and puns) and I have long brown hair (that's currently red I recently dyed it) and hazel eyes. I laugh a lot too


you sound really cool. ( I do some theater stuff in the Spring), I would totally


to clarify, those are dates. I probably should have worked on that more

Anonymous said: So you're a junior this year?

yep! reperesnt 

Anonymous said: Hi so I'm 16 and female, 5'6" height with hazel/greenish eyes and auburn hair. I really like playing the ukulele and painting stuff and occasionally I have a weird love for reality tv shows. If we went on a date I'd say we go like do something really fun and we could talk about that like go jump off a rope swing into water or something. And then after that when we're tired we could go cuddle while watching movies :3

that soundssss so fun, and green eyes and red hair sound really cute together

Anonymous said: Wait, you're on Twitch? No way! Who do you watch?

well, I dont use twitch per se (though Im going to watch the LCS, I just play league and steam)

Anonymous said: i like how you have to specify that youre not a confederate in your bio bc of the robert e lee post ahahahah

I probably should lol, someone called me a fake once ahahaha

Anonymous said: What are your favorite bands? Since you like indie...

of monsters and men, and the lumineers, oo and capitol cities. I like Matt and Kim too